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Behold the delicate beauty and cleverness of this interactive Japanese children’s book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima. Entitled Motion Silhouette, the handmade book features white pop-up silhouettes between each page. Shining a light on either side of the silhouettes cast moving shadows onto the pages that help tell the story. Ghosts appear before frightened a sleeper, a train travels down tracks and across the face of the moon, someone makes a wish on a dandelion head and then blows out birthday candles, butterflies flutter and what appears as a tree on one page turns into lightning flashing above a cityscape on another.

Click here to watch a brief video that offers a closer look at this enchanting book.

Motion Silhouette is a sequel to a previous book by Kajiwara and Nijima entitled Silhouette. These beautiful works of interactive art are handmade to order.Click here for order inquiries.

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Morning, lovers!

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Printed TV

→ by DKNG Studios


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Spellbound-Alfred Hitchcock

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Apollo, Raphael and Nietzche

→ “Transfiguration” by Raphael Sanzio Nietzche about the Transfiguration: In a symbolic painting, Raphael, himself one of these immortal “naive” ones, has represented for us this demotion of appearance to the level of mere appearance, the primitive process of the naive artist and of Apollinian culture.

From a booth to a Pantheon

From a booth to a Pantheon

→ “Au Panthéon” installation by JR at the Centre des Monuments Nationaux


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Art in layers

→ by Nobuhiro Nakanishi



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